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About Us

Creating Conversations And Evoking Memories

Our Story

Hi and welcome to our new site,


We are a small family business that started out about a year ago making melts for our personal use. We love finding a scent that creates a conversation or evokes a memory, so we tested a wide range of fragrances and after a lot of trial and error (just don’t get us started on flash points, fragrance loads and pouring temperatures!) we started gifting our melts to family and friends for special occasions, birthdays, Valentines and Christmas.


We really hoped they would love them too and we were delighted to get lovely (and honest) feedback. We recently started seeking the right aromas to help us Melt Into the upcoming Christmas season when more and more people asked if we would sell our melts for others to enjoy. Once we were confident that our melts were as amazing as we wanted them to be we took the plunge and here we are.

We already know how important it is to use high quality ingredients, but we also care about the environment – after all our two most important “sniff testers” aged 6 and 10, need to grow up in a beautiful world too. So, we use high quality soy wax and fragrance. We will also package and ship in re-usable or recyclable products.

We focus on making small batches of handmade and hand poured melts and we hope that each one will allow our customers to melt into their own memories and conversations.

We currently have 10 fragrances on offer to you for the Christmas season and we are working hard to find just the right scents to Melt Into over the coming seasons.

Kathryn and Johnathan x

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