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Starting The Year Fresh With Wax Melts

Happy New Year from the Melt Into team!

2022 wax melts

Do you feel like 2021 is hanging like a stagnant odour in your house?

Are you wanting to know how you can start fresh in 2022?

Are you worried about the abnormally long month ahead of us?

We can help you with all of these questions and more!

Wax melts are a great way to add a breath of fresh air to your home.

We’ve crafted the freshest wax melts to start your year off just right.

We’ve been reflecting on last year and we’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on.

Starting Up Melt Into And The Festive Season

Starting 2022 fresh with wax melts

We truly hope you have all had the best festive season.

The season was a very busy period for us, we worked hard to bring you the best of our festive range and had great fun doing it.

We were especially proud of our Christmas advent calendars, if you didn’t get a chance to grab one, watch out on the site in the lead up to this Christmas.

A few of our festive scents may be popping up here and there so don’t be disheartened if you didn’t get the chance to try them.

Having such a busy festive season is great news for anyone who wants to try our products, it means we can keep doing what we love.

We want to say a massive thank you for the great amount of support we’ve received.

To thank you all, we’ve dedicated a lot more time to perfecting our products and making upcoming selections that we’re proud of.

We won't be giving away too much information just yet…

Who are we kidding we’re way too excited!!

We’ll be focussing on Valentine’s day and our Spring collection with a few surprises along the way.

Moving Past 2021

Moving past 2021 with wax melts

There’s a lot to be said about 2021!

Last year was a hard one for a lot of us and we’re happy to wave it goodbye.

It’s certainly been a memorable one and one we won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Although there are things we might wish we could leave in 2021 (maybe a certain global pandemic?) There are a few things that we’re extremely thankful for.

Wax melts are our bread and butter, and in 2021 we were in a fortunate enough position to be able to share these with the world.

With a lot of hard work, we were able to share a very festive selection of some of our favourite scents… (Including our favourite - Winter In Paris)

Out with the old and in with the new…

Well, kind of.

We’re fans of fresh starts but we just can’t let some of our favourite scents get swept away with the end of 2021.

As part of our fresh start to 2022, we’ve created a past, present and future selection box.

The box will include a scent from (you guessed it) the past, present and future.

Out with old and in with the new wax melts

The scents we have chosen perfectly encapsulate each of the seasons.

Our past scent is our favourite from the festive season of 2021:

And we’ve decided to choose:

Queue the drumroll…….

Snow Angel!

We’ve chosen to feature this luscious fruity and festive scent for its sweet familiarity, reminding us of the positive memories we can take from the previous year.

Snow Angel has a bubblegummy, fresh and uplifting scent, reminiscent of a scent of the festive season.

Why not take the best parts of last year with us? Well, that’s what we thought anyway.

Our Snow Angel wax melts represent everything sweet and memorable from last year.

Every time we smell Snow Angel we’re reminded of the great memories we’ve made despite how difficult the previous year has been.

Self Care And Staying Present

self care with wax melts

Enough of looking back, there’s no time like the present.

We know that the start of the year can be tough, and how the post-holiday blues can set in.

Mental health is one of the most important things to us so we wanted to take some time to talk about it.

Specifically, January can be one of the most difficult times of the year and we want to change that one step at a time.

There are a few things you can do to help improve your general mental wellbeing:

  • Talk - Talking can help lighten the mental load you’re carrying around, it might also help encourage others to speak about their feelings.

  • Staying fit - Keeping even semi-regularly active can give your mental health a small boost, it also helps you to sleep and concentrate better.

  • Eating healthier - Whether it was your New Year’s resolution or not, eating healthy improves your physical health as well as your mental wellbeing.

  • Drinking sensibly - A glass of wine or two won’t be affecting you too much, but alcohol is a well-known depressant and can be detrimental to your mental health.

  • Staying connected - Reach out to friends and family regularly.

  • Ask for help - Local services are always available to help, and sometimes it can help to get an outside perspective.

  • Take a break - Take some time for yourself, plan time for you to relax.

  • Do something that you care about - Whether it’s socialising or a hobby, do something that you enjoy.

Mental health isn’t a one-time fixable thing, it should be as important as your physical health and take upkeep.

Some time to yourself in a relaxed environment can be the start of a healthy self-care routine.

The Scent Of Today

the present of wax melts in the present

In our 2022 wax melt box, (and we had to think about this one) we wanted to look at how we could help mental health.

We have chosen a scent that reflects the focus we want to place on mental health and self-care. For this reason, we’re introducing our 2022 scent of the present - Pampering Bliss.

Our Pampering Bliss wax melts produce a spa-like aroma good for creating a calming atmosphere from the comfort of your very own home.

Self-care and mental health go hand in hand, and we wanted to recognise this in our flagship wax melt box for 2022.

Not sure what to expect from this scent?

Luckily for you, we have a breakdown of Pampering Bliss:

With top notes of peach, apricot, luscious berries and juicy guava. Ohhh how fruity…

If you thought it couldn’t get better, you’d be mistaken, with an emerging floral harmony of peony, lily of the valley and jasmine.

Finished off with sweet fonds of vanilla, caramel, amber and sandalwood.

Pampering Bliss truly is a present, for your present self.

If you need help picking the right scents for you please don’t hesitate to reach out, we have a lot of experience choosing high-quality aromas.

Onwards And Upwards

spring forward with fab blossom

Our upcoming trilogy of time box is spring-loaded

The scent of the future is an early riser from our spring collection - Fab Spring Blossom. We don’t want to jump ahead of ourselves but it’s also important to think about the future and that’s why we’ve included this floral treat in our 2022 wax melt selection box.

Let’s look forward to a year of many opportunities and good health!

The future is bright and we want to give you a sneak peek of how fresh spring is going to smell.

We’re going to make sure to keep you in the loop with our latest wax melts scents, and maybe even some other surprise products! It’s easy to make sure you’re notified when we bring out a new product, just make sure to register with our mailing list.

We can’t wait to share our newest selection box of wax melts (or max welts after a couple of glasses of wine) with you all!

And the first of our spring scents is one we couldn’t keep quiet for long.

There’s a reason why we’ve chosen Fab Spring Blossom to be in our 2022 box!

It’s a floral scent with touches of lemon, grapefruit, green violet, a whole load of fruit including apple, pear and peach.

The floral tones consist of jasmine, lily rose, freesia and base notes of sandalwood, cedar, amber and vanilla.

Trust us it’s one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Wax Melts And More…

Worried you might not enjoy one of the scents as much as the others, or can’t get enough of one of them?

We will be offering individual packs of each of our 2022 scents, check out our store page for the full range of scents.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but we know that wherever the winding, unpredictable road of 2022 takes us, we’ll be here to give you the highest quality scents!

Keep your eyes and inbox open because we’ve got a lot of exciting new products ready, and we just can’t wait for you to try them!

We’re going to be expanding our collection of available scents over the next few weeks, focussing on cozy nights in and the day of love and friendship - Valentine’s Day. If you need any further information about our products or scents, or anything else really, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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