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The Best Way To Use Wax Melts This Summer

The Best Way To Use Wax Melts floral

How do I use my beautifully smelling wax melts?

Which scent should I use when?

Do I need a wax burner?

Are you asking any of these questions? Well you’re in luck we’re about to answer them for you.

First of all happy Spring/Summer, the hotter months are upon us finally and we're so excited to supplying the freshest scents.

You must think we were mad if you thought we’d sell wax melts and not let you know the best way to enjoy them.

Everyone is different, and more importantly every nose is different. The scent that you love the most might not even be in your best friend’s top 5!

Trust us we can go days discussing which scent is categorically the best. Spoiler alert: we always decide on a different one.

As Mr Gump once said, life is like a box of chocolates. While we’d never want to disagree, we think life is more like a box of wax melts.

When you’re pulling chocolate you know that they’re all going to smell the same, whereas you never know what you’re going to get in a variety box of melts.

For those of you who have self control (unlike myself) you might not fancy a chocolate everyday of the year.

Wax melts, however, are guilty-free with scents for every occasion you won’t be limited.

Speaking of guilt-free (get ready for a shameless plug)…

How To Use Environmentally Friendly Wax Melts

How To Use Environmentally Friendly Wax Melts save the bees

We’re proud to say that our wax melts are made using the highest quality ingredients.

Aside from being created with ounces of care, our ingredients are cruelty-free and sustainable for the environment.

With two of our smell test extraordinaires being 7 and 11, we want to help create a happy and healthy future.

Just as the environment cares for us, we’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for it.

Not only are our wax melts created with sustainability in mind, we’re also package conscious.

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, and made from recycled sources, check out our selection boxes that don’t leave a dirty mark on the environment.

Once you’ve used our melts they’re fine to be discarded due to their natural ingredients.

Before you discard your used melt however, you’re going to want to get the most out of it.

Choosing The Right Burner For You

choosing the right wax burner for me

Let’s start at the start, before you can use your melt you’ll need a high-tech piece of equipment known as a wax burner. (By high-tech we mean not high-tech at all.)

A wax burner will hold your wax melt and a candle underneath allowing for delightful fragrances to be diffused into your home, office, bathroom, or wherever else you fancy.

There are many different styles of wax burners, but they all essentially do the same thing.

We like to think of our burners as an extension of who we are, and for that reason we offer a range so you can pick the right one for you.

Are you more of a buddha? A teapot? Or want to be different altogether?

As with traditional Chinese feng shui, we think your choice of interior design matters. What’s right for one person could be the complete opposite for someone else.

The other option is an electric burner which is flame free. Although this option isn’t for everyone, it can be a great option for homes that can’t have open flames around.

After picking your wax burner it’s time to pick a scent (or ten.)

Picking Your Perfect Wax Melt

Picking Your Perfect Wax Melt best smelling wax melts

Every melt scent is different just like every nose is different.

Whether it’s a floral aroma that puts a spring in your step like Fab Spring Blossom or a relaxing blissful scent like Pampering Bliss everyone has their preference.

Picture this, after a long, hard day at work you’ve come home and you decide to draw a bath to unwind.

You’re probably going to pick a completely different scent if you’ve decided to spruce up the house while you delve into some deep Spring cleaning.

If you feel like picking a favourite scent is similar to picking a favourite child, don’t worry we can help you out. If you’re a fan of variety, we have you covered!

Sweet, fresh, floral, perfume-like, citrusy, minty, woody or even sour everyone has a favourite.

Like we said, every nose is different and we cater to everyone, smell is subjective and we want to celebrate this with the world!

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous why not give a new smell a try, we know that you nose and family will love you for it.

How Long Can I Use My Wax Melt For?

How Long Can I Use My Wax Melt For?

This is an interesting question, we generally say as soon as your melt loses its scent it’s time to switch it out.

Our wax melts keep their scent for quite a few hours. As a general rule we’d say somewhere between 6-8 hours.

It’s not a hard and fast rule and we wouldn’t recommend throwing a perfectly good scent away before its time is up.

To make sure you aren’t left high and dry, keep a good supply of tealights, matches or lighters at hand.

If your tealight runs out and you haven’t got a handy replacement you’ll be going scentless for at least a couple of hours.

It might not seem like much but I know we can’t go on too long knowing we’ll be meltless.

In general, play it by ear and it’s ultimately up to you when you decide to change your melt.

We like to rotate the scents we have so we can have a good variation in the house.

Glitter, Packaging And Reducing Waste

Glitter, Packaging And Reducing Waste

Our bio-glitter isn’t only visually appealing, it’s also environmentally friendly meaning that you can dispose of the used melts in a safe way with a good conscious.

The glitter is included in our melts to make them extra special, they’re perfect for gifts and for showing that everyday can be magical.

The packaging that we use is recyclable and also environmentally friendly.

Our planet deserves to be treated with care and our packaging means that you can enjoy your favourite wax melts without any guilt.

Our future matters and that’s why we care so much, but we also care about the present which is why we want to make every second as special as possible with our luxury scents.

We’re trying to limit the waste we have in every aspect of life and wax melts are no exception.

Why Should I Use Wax Melts?

Why Should I Use Wax Melts with a glass of wine in the garden

Wax melts are the best way to give your home the finishing touches.

Sit back, relax and grab a glass of vino (or your drink of choice.)

Believe it or not but most humans come with built in senses and one of those is smell!

The last thing we want is for you to be sitting in the comfort of your own home with everything in place except if there’s a bad smell coming from somewhere, or no smell at all!

Treat your senses with the luxury scents of Melt Into, take a chance and see how you can make every single day a bit more special to you.

We all have certain aromas that remind us of someone special, a memorable place or even of your childhood.

Here at Melt Into we create melts with delightful aromas that you can make new memories with.

Tips For Cleaning Up

how do I clean the wax out of my wax burner?

There are a lot of so called hacks to getting your wax melt out of the burner once it’s finished.

We’ve seen people putting their burners in the freezer to separate the wax from the ceramic. Never do this!

The sharp change in temperature can cause the ceramic to crack, breaking it in multiple places.

It’s hard to enjoy wax melts when your burner is sat in 10 different pieces.

We’ve also encountered the “string method” placing a piece of string in the melted was and allowing for it to cool.

This isn’t a reliable method as it can often only partly remove the wax, or leaves big chunks behind.

You can often end up with a bigger cleaning job this way.

Our favourite way for removing a finished wax melt is to apply a small amount of heat to the bottom of the burner to allow the wax to loosen slightly.

Then the solid wax disc should be easily removed. Once removed, wipe down with a paper towel, to avoid any leftover scent for the next melt.

Alternatively, you can heat your wax melt fully and once liquified can add a pad of cotton wool to absorb the wax.

With either of these methods please be aware that the burners will get hot so take extra caution.

Make sure no children or animals are near exposed flames or hot objects.

The Next Steps For Enjoying Wax Melt

chief sniffer dog for melt into

Sniffing out your favourite scent is a game we all like to play.

Our chief sniffer (pictured above) usually gives a couple of wags when we're onto something good.

Once you’ve picked your scent, your burner and have an action plan for clean up you’re all ready to go.

We’re slightly biased and love our luxury scents, so why not check them out.

We love feedback, if you have any requests for scents or anything you would like to share in general, please get in touch!

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